Transmission Attenuation of HIREC Coating

The transmission attenuation of HIREC was measured for high frequency radio signals. HIREC has a low transmission attenuation of 0.1 dB or less in Ka band to V band (30 GHz -70GHz). This indicates that HIREC is a suitable coating material for radar and convenience-radio applications.

Measurement Of Transmission Attenuation

Samples: HIREC membrane (film)

A thin membrane with the same structure as an actual HIREC painting was prepared.
–  Two layers membrane with 70 μm thickness
HIREC under treatment: 35 μm HIREC 100: 35 μm
–  Relative permittivity: 4.47, Dielectric loss tangent(tanδ): 0.0139 at 30 GHz, 55 R.H.

Measurement Set-up

–  Equipment: Vector network analyzer
–  Receiving antenna: Antennas for Ka band (26.5 GHz-40GHz) and V band (40 GHz-75 GHz)
–  Measurement conditions: 27°C, 55 R.H.
– I ncident conditions: Normal incident (Vertically incident)

Transmission Attenuation in 30 GHz-70 GHz

Attenuation of HIREC membrane: 0.04 dB or less for Ka band (26.5 GHz-40GHz)
0.1 dB or less for V band (40 GHz-75 GHz)

In Ka band to V band (30 GHz -70GHz) HIREC shows a low transmission attenuation of 0.1 dB or less.

HIREC is a super-water repellent material suitable for radar and radio application.