HIREC: Super Hydrophobic Coating for Antenna, Radome and Other Public Infrastructure

Temperature with Humidity Cycle Test

The change of the contact angle of a HIREC coated surface was measured in Temperature with Humidity Cycle Test. The test was done for the temperature range from -30°C to 70°C, humidity up to 90% R.H., 12 hours/cycle, and 100 cycles. The test result showed the HIREC has a stable performance in the temperature with humidity cycle test and has high durability.

Measurement Conditions

Test plate:  HIREC coated plate
Measurement:  Contact angle (degree)
Cycle time:  12 hours per one cycle
Duration:   100 cycles
Temperature change:  20°C – 70°C – -30°C
Humidity change:   90% R.H. at 70°C, 50% R.H. at 20°C


Test Results of Contact Angle Change in Temperature with Humidity Test


HIREC shows no abnormality during 100 cycles in the temperature with humidity cycle test

The initial contact angle of HIREC was 152°.
The contact angle was stable during the temperature with humidity cycle test.
The contact angle was 149° after the test.

HIREC maintains highly durable super water repellency in the temperature with humidity test.