HIREC, the super hydrophobic water-repellent coating material, provides hydrophobic coatings with a contact angle of 150° or more between an object and water droplets, resulting in higher performance and durability. Conventional water-repellent coatings, by contrast, can only provide a maximum contact angle of approximately 100°.


Provides super water repellent performance and excellent durability.
Is developed with the optimum material design of water repellent base material, varnish, solvent and additives.
Has proven excellence over 20 years of example cases in public infrastructure and on field equipment.
Contributes to stable operation and operation cost reduction of public construction and field equipment such as antennas, radomes, towers, bridges, vessels.
Realizes a contact angle between an object and water droplets of 150° or more.
When water droplets fall on HIREC-coated surfaces, they instantaneously disperse into smaller droplets, as they are repelled. The water droplets remaining on the coated surfaces are round and maintain a spherical shape as if they are standing-up(See the picture above).
Performs water-shedding surface without water film.
Is equipped with a self-cleaning function, resulting in maintaining excellent water repellent performance over the long-term.

HIREC Main Features

Contact angle between an object and water droplets of 150° or more.
Remarkable hydrophobic water repellency in outdoor usage for 3 years.
Highly durable water resistance in 3 months water immersion test.
Beneficial counter measures against water, water film formation, condensation, snow and ice accretion.
Wide array of uses.