HIREC Case Studies / Countermeasure against Snow and Downpour on Antennas of Resort Hotels

HIREC: Super Hydrophobic Coating for Antenna, Radome and Other Public Infrastructure

Reception Problems of Satellite TV Caused by Snowfalls and Downpours

In winter, snow can accumulate on BS dishes, which may cause reception problem of satellite TV. Also, thundering downpour causes the problem. The HIREC, superhydrophobic coating was installed in resort hotel’s Broadband Satellite TV dishes as a countermeasure against snow and rain problems.

HIREC Installed in Resort Hotel’s BS TV Antennas

The YUZAWA TOEI HOTEL is located in the upland of Yuzawa town, Niigata, Japan. The hotel serves fine Japanese cuisine with carefully selected fresh country ingredient and traditional sake, and provides comfortable and relaxing open-air spas. The Yuzawa town is known by the setting of the famous novel of “Snow Country”. The town is covered by deep snow of 3 m in the winter. The town is also famous as a great ski region in Northern Japan.
HIREC, the superhydrophobic coating was installed in hotel’s BS TV antennas as a countermeasure against snow and rain problems.

HIREC, for the Comfortable Hotel Life

“We coated HIREC on the antennas of our satellite TVs in order to provide comfortable and luxurious hotel experiences to our customers,” said a manager of the hotel. The hotel had experienced satellite TV reception problems in the thundering downpour in summer, and in snowfall in winter. Loss of signals was caused by such snow accretion on the antennas or water films formed on the antennas. He continued “After installing the HIREC coating in January 2010 such problems have perfectly been solved, which leads to customers’ satisfaction.” (Reported on April 22, 2014)

The super water repellent HIREC is the effective countermeasure for snow and ice accretion.