HIREC: Super Hydrophobic Coating for Antenna, Radome and Other Public Infrastructure


Changes in Radio Reception of Satellite Antennas in Rainfall

Radio receptions of 12G Hz-band broadcast satellite antennas at 5 mm/h rainfall were measured in the field. The aperture diameter of the antenna was 450 mm.

Antenna Coated with HIREC

No deterioration in Carrier To Noise Ratio C/N was shown during and after rainfall.
No water film was formed on the surface of the antenna.

Antenna without HIREC

Radio reception deteriorated during and after the rainfall.
The rain caused to lower C/N of 3-4 dB by water film attenuation.
Even after the rain, the deterioration in C/N continued for a while due to remaining water film.
The deterioration continued for 19 hours after the rain cleared, which was caused by the remaining water film.


The super water repellent paint, HIREC, is an effective countermeasure for rain attenuation in antennas.