HIREC: Super Hydrophobic Coating for Antenna, Radome and Other Public Infrastructure

HIREC – Outdoor Exposure Test

The long-term stability of HIREC water repellency was directly measured by outdoor exposure test. The HIREC coated plates were exposed in the field and the change in contact angle was measured. The contact angle of HIREC after 1100 days outdoor exposure was 143 ° and showed very stable water repellency during 3 years.

Measurement Conditions

Sample facing direction:


Sample angle:

45 °


Tokyo, Japan

Degrees of latitude:

35 °

Annual sunshine in hours:

1780 hours

Annual rainfall:

1500 mm

Exposure time :

3 years

Results of Outdoor Exposure Test

HIREC shows no abnormality during 1100 days or 3 years exposure in the field.



Initial contact angle of HIREC was 152°.
The contact angle after 1100 days of outdoor exposure was 143°
The contact angle was stable during the outdoor exposure test.

HIREC maintains remarkable water repellency in outdoor usage for 3 years.