Other Application Suggestions / Electrical Devices and Modules, Exhibits and Arts, Fishing Rods

HIREC’s hydrophobic super water repellency realizes surprising and unexpected unique applications in electric devices and parts, exhibitions, etc.


Example 1: Printed Circuit Boards

HIREC treated circuit boards submerged in water still receive signals. A cell phone board treated with HIREC will survive being dropped into water.


Example 2: Separating Water and Oil

Without HIREC, snow sticks to the disc, creating the possibility of interference or interruption of transmission.
If HIREC is applied to a tea strainer, water cannot pass through it. Therefore, if a water/oil mixture is poured through the strainer, the oil will go through but the water will not.


Example 3: River Water Gauges

When measuring water levels with wooden materials, it is normal to observe from a distance with a camera. During the night, an infra-red camera is used. When the weather is clear, the water and the gauge are different temperatures, so it is easy to see the water level.
However, when it is raining, the gauge becomes wet and becomes about the same temperature as the water. In such cases, HIREC-treated gauges repel the water and therefore do not change temperature as much. It is easy to see the water level in this way.


Example 4: Exhibits

Rolling water droplets along treated surfaces can be used in science museums as exhibits about hydrophobic properties.


Example 5: Fishing Rods and Screens

Water-repelling technology will prevent accumulation of water inside rods with internal lines.
Paper doors (shoji) will not get wet.
Layered screens prevent rain from passing through.


Example 6: Refrigerator Fans

HIREC will prevent accumulation of frost on fans, due to its low ice accretion.