HIREC 450 is designed for indoor use. The coated surface appears opaque (visible optical permeability about 5%). It is still possible to have the original surface visible through the coating, because the application of HIREC 450 requires only a thin layer.

Key Features

Applications: Plastics (Acrylic Resin, ABS resin etc.), metals (except copper), glass and others
Undercoating: No primer coating
Application Equipment: Air spray gun
Lifespan: Until the surface is polluted or dirtied
Best for Repelling: Water and ice
Film Thickness: 15 microns
Coating Area: 6 sq. meter/kg (64 sq. feet/kg)

Additional Information About HIREC

The HIREC coating is a soft coating, and therefore is not tolerant against abrasion. Rubbing scratching, or otherwise interfering with the surface would damage the coating. For this reason, we do not recommend HIREC to be used in applications which requires constant touching, contact, or knowingly abrasive environment such as use in automobile or other mobile units.

Also to note that the repellency of the coating deteriorates from dirt, pollution, or oily substances such as mechanical oil and finger oil. However for HIREC100 series, the self-cleaning action of the HIREC 100 series exfoliates most of the contamination when it is exposed to sunlight and gradually regains its hydrophobicity.