HIREC: Super Hydrophobic Coating for Antenna, Radome and Other Public Infrastructure

Accelerated Weathering Test

The long-term stability of HIREC water repellency was measured by accelerated weathering test. The test simulates the degradation of materials exposed in the field where ultraviolet radiation, temperature, and moisture effect on it. The change of contact angle of HIREC was measured during and after 2500 hours of the test.

Measurement Conditions

Measurement:  Contact angle (degree)
Sample surface radiation:  255 w/m²
Discharge voltage:  50 ±  2 V
Discharge current:  60 ±  2 A
Glass filter operation time:   2000 hours
Black panel temperature:  60 ± °C
Water jet condition:   18 min per 2 hours
Humidity:   50 ± 5 %

Test Results of Contact Angle Change in Accelerated Weathering Test



HIREC shows no abnormality during 2500 hr exposure of the accelerated Weathering test

The initial contact angle of HIREC was 152°.
The contact angle was stable at the temperature of the test.
The contact angle after 2000 hours was 149° and after 2500 hours 148°.
Exposure of 2500 hours of the accelerated weather test is equivalent to approximately 3 years of outdoor exposure.

HIREC maintains excellent water repellency for about 3 years.